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Social Responsibility

To help Combat cholera in the endemo-epidemic areas in Bunia; continuing work on a drinking water supply network; emergency response to cholera and population movements in the Bunia region . . . Taken together, these initiatives benefited 558,056 people in Bunia Province. 287 084 people are now being supplied with clean drinking water.
ACTIVITIES: installing 32 chlorination points; constructing 10 water points; disinfecting households (6,704 people); teaching good hygiene practices, as well as the best use of water and sanitation facilities, to more than 312,488 people.

Water Projects

It is the primary aim of Bunia Mining Limited to achieve sustainable development programs in the local communities we have acquired our concessions from.

It is our reasonability to communicate to all our employees the importance of protecting the physical environment, and the company provides the appropriate training and logistics to ensure that all employees are equipped to meet their responsibilities in these areas. Bunia Mining Limited has engaged herself in major developmental projects such us potable water, electricity, school building projects, local community clinic amongst many others.

In addition, Bunia Mining Limited recognises that local communities are its key stakeholders and the company seeks to engage with those communities on all management issues that may impact on the physical environment.

It is our firm belief that efficient and profitable operations go hand-in-hand with high-quality products, comprehensive and effective safety, health and environmental protection programs.

Education Projects

Our programs reach out has had a great impact in the following areas:Tshembo,Una, Zekere, Balo, Bogoro, Lakwa


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